Managing User Sessions

Ashley Grant

The Sessions page in the Administration section gives a report of the users that are currently logged in to the LogonBox server.



The page shows a table of all the current user sessions that are active with details about each connection such as the user's IP address and web Browser and OS they are connecting from. The map is used to show Geo location information regarding the connections, if this is available.

The map below the sessions is interactive and will show the countries of currently logged on sessions.


Hovering over a country will show the total from that country.


From the table of connections you can forcefully logout a user account that is connected by selecting the Delete option.


After selecting this you'll be prompted to confirm the forced logoff action before the user's session is forcefully terminated and the user logged out. If the user is still using the system then the next time they attempt to access a page or refresh they'll be sent back to the Main Menu.


Session Options

The Session Options tabs allow for configuration of specific details about the user sessions.


First we have the Localization tab. User Locales allows users to freely select the language that is used by the system by clicking the Select Language dropdown at top right.



Second is the Locale option which allows you to set what is the default language that is used. Lastly the Time Zone option allows you to specify which timezone is used on the server to account for actions that are recorded.

In the Sessions tab, you can configure settings related to the user sessions that are logged in to the system.

Session Timeout sets how long a user can be logged in and inactive before they are logged out.

Close on Shutdown specifies how any open sessions should be handled in the event of a server shutdown/restart.

The Alternative Home Page option allows configuation of an alternative site users can be directed to after logging in to LogonBox.

The Applies To option then sets what login options this would occur with.

Finally, Always Show Menu allows configuration of whether the left side menu is locked in place by default or collapsible.


The CORS tab allows the admin to define any origins (domain, scheme, or port) other than its own from which a browser should permit loading resources.

This is an advanced option and defaults to OFF. 


The Websocket tab allows similar configuration of origins but for websockets.


The Sessions page only shows the current valid sessions on the server.

To see more information on historical sessions, please refer to the Session/User History graph on the main dashboard page.