LogonBox 2.3.12 Released


LogonBox SSPR 2.3.12-1686 has been released


Changes in this release


  • Administrative access can now be configured to use a different port if required:
    • To do this, create a new interface from System Configuration->Interfaces and set the port number in this interface (requires a restart).
    • Then in System Configuration->Configuration->Authentication, in Admin Interfaces, add your new interface to the Included section.
    • Note that after making this change, the Administration Link will still exist on the main interface, but you will not be able to authenticate, so you may wish to also turn off the Administration link.
  • Support Callback service has been completely re-coded to allow us to help you better on more complicated support cases. It is recommended to run apt upgrade on a VM or run the new installer if you use Windows to ensure you get this update.
  • The LogonBox Authenticator app is now available for Apple mobile devices in the Appstore.
  • LogonBox now dynamically scales the number of threads based on CPU count for better performance and reliability under high load.
  • Added option in Messages->Settings->SMTP->Debug for troubleshooting SMTP message issues.
  • The Synchronize button in User Directory->Users will now re-enable a reconcile if it was disabled due to previous connection errors.
  • Added new permission to delegate the user Synchronize button to User Directory->Users.
  • Added new permission to delegate the Configure User Directory link in User Directory->Users.
  • Added some additional links and information in the text in the QuickStart widget in Dashboard->Get Help.
  • The User Selective 2FA wizard now provides options to apply the 2FA modules to any Authentication Flow.
  • Changed the default ordering of the widgets on the Dashboard->Get Help page.
  • Reformatted Dashboard->Get Help->Configuration Links to make the widget more readable.


  • Fixed a problem with Performance Monitor feature, which prevented the LogonBox service from starting up.
  • Added some missing options to the service configuration file on the Windows install, which could cause issues with AD connections.
  • Removed duplicate entries in the Select Language menu.
  • Fixed some issues with the user profiles filter. The user count should now match the number in use on the licensing widget.
  • Configure User Database shows correctly for the admin account on non-system realms.
  • Realm Administrators can now see Cloud Domains if Cloud DNS feature is installed.
  • Corrected a username enumeration issue in the Reset Password flow when One-Time Password is being used.
  • Fixed an issue where importing a PKCS12 certificate could result in a bad certificate type.
  • Change Password widget removed from the Dashboard on Foundation Edition as this feature is not supported and therefore would not work.
  • HaveIBeenPwned password checking can now be enabled on a per-realm basis.


The LogonBox team.