LogonBox VPN 2.3.10 released

Christopher Dakin

LogonBox VPN 2.3.10 released


Changes since last release



  • The default behaviour of the menu has changed. This menu is now pinned open by default, making it easier for users to understand this menu exists on their account.
  • The Users page has two new filters added. You can now filter users by 'Users not logged on in the last 30 days' and 'Users who have never logged on'.


  • The system should now prompt for all missing information for every authentication module a user has access to when they log on to My Account.
  • Changed how user properties are handled on a synchronise to resolve performance issues on a reconcile.
  • When a user session times out whilst the left menu is pinned open, it no longer displays over the portal page.
  • When a user session times out, the menu still works without having to refresh the page.
  • Azure Include/Exclude group filters now work regardless of the Pre-load option value.
  • When using an Automation to perform a Generate Audit CSV task, choosing Last Week or Last Month options no longer results in an error.
  • Invalid OTP entry results in an invalid credentials event rather than an invalid principal name in the Audit Log.


The LogonBox team.