LogonBox 2.3.11 Released


LogonBox SSPR 2.3.11-1635 has been released


Changes in this release


  • Push authentication support added for LogonBox Authenticator.
  • Added support for emails for Linux users using the SSH user directory.
  • The left-hand menu is pinned open by default to make it easier for end-users to find their settings.
  • Added an option to set the default visibility of the left-hand menu.
  • Added a maximum number of backups setting to Backup and Restore in VMCentre.
  • Updated the Quick Start instructions in Get Help in the main dashboard.
  • An account unlock action can be attempted as an admin even if the server doesn't think the account is currently locked (saves forced sync to update the status of a known locked account).
  • Added an option on administrator password reset to re-send a user created notification.
  • Added an option for Force Change at Logon when an admin sets a user's PIN.
  • A user's PIN can now start with a 0.


  • OTP will no longer prompt the user for an email if an Additional Contact number is available and Use Directory Email is off.
  • Azure users can now change their password from My Profile->Change password.
  • Users that need to set up a PIN don't receive a prompt when they log in.
  • Non-system realms can now override SMTP server settings again.
  • SSH users password expiring notifications now triggering as expected.
  • Scheduled backups are now working correctly in VMCentre.
  • Administrators can now delete a user with custom questions.
  • Reset User Profile action on a user now also resets custom questions.
  • When changing a filter on Audit Log or Users and you are on page 2 or higher, changing the filter, which results in just one page, will show that page as expected.
  • Clicking Synchronize when managing a Secondary Directory now synchronizes that directory rather than the primary.
  • A username with a # in the name now automatically generates a user profile image.
  • A self-service account unlock records a successful audit log entry rather than a failed one.
  • VMCentre logs no longer overgrow if the server idle time is greater than maxInt seconds.
  • Setting attributes in a CSV export from the user's page now works if you mix local and AD users.