LogonBox VPN 2.3.9 Released


LogonBox VPN version 2.3.9-1553 is now available


The Windows VPN client has had a lot of changes to improve load/connection times and stability. This release also features a new client for OS X.


The VPN Client now supports integration with the LogonBox Identity Manager products to support pre-login connection management. When the LogonBox Credential Provider detects an installation of the LogonBox VPN client, it adds a new link to the user's pre-login options to allow the user to start the client and establish a VPN connection to their company network.

All client's should now also prompt for any available update on launch. 


Note: You will need to upgrade your clients to the current release first manually, after which updates should then prompt through the client UI.



  • VPN client downloads are always visible from the User Dashboard in the devices widget for easier client access.
  • VPN client now checks for available updates on start and provides an option to upgrade.
  • OS X client is now notarized, so it should work with silent install options.
  • The client should now switch screens automatically if the screen it is on disappears.
  • System IP restrictions merged into the new service-based set of rules. The new IP Authentication menu now looks and works more like a set of Firewall rules.
  • Added an option not to show a default realm if you use the realm dropdown to login pages.
  • Email subsystem reworked - Emails will now be sent only in plaintext if there is no HTML content.
  • Email subsystem reworked - Batched emails (i.e. password reminders, profile reminders) should now send significantly faster (several per second rather than once per few seconds).
  • New permission added for User Dashboard view. Remove this permission from the Everyone Role if you don't want users to see the new User Dashboard on login.
  • The Portuguese language added.
  • System Configuration->Configuration->Application Name now accepts a - character.



  • VPN client error messages have had some justification issues fixed for certificate error notifications.
  • Windows VPN client tray icon right-click menu now works as expected.
  • Changing SMTP hostname no longer requires to restart to take effect.
  • We fixed some issues with sessions not timing out as expected when on certain pages.
  • On session timeout, the system will automatically refresh the login screen rather than only doing so after the next page interaction after the expiry.
  • Authentication flows will now iterate through nested group memberships for the Assigned Flow authentication module.
  • Combining an Assigned Flow with User Flow Selection in Authentication Flows now works as expected.


The LogonBox team.