LogonBox 2.3.7 Released


LogonBox version 2.3.7-1478 has now been released

Changes since previous release:



  • Added support for a new Hotfix subscription license. This is positioned between the Foundation and Professional editions and gives Foundation features plus Appearance settings along with security updates and email support.
  • Added a logs upload feature for help with support.
  • Added the option to write a mobile number back to AD when validating a new mobile.


  • Custom Favicon now works as expected.
  • Returned missing Banned Passwords settings back into the UI.
  • Fixed some database cascade issues that could cause errors with deleting users, clearing sessions or deleting a realm.
  • Reset Profile now correctly removes any validated email or mobile numbers from the user profile.
  • Fixed an i18n error on the Password Manager browser extension login page.
  • Updating a mobile number in AD now updates the mobile shown in the LogonBox user.
  • Foundation edition now showing correct version in the footer.
  • Azure users now showing password last changed dates.
  • Self service account create now works if a default group no longer exists.


The LogonBox team.