LogonBox 2.3.6 Released


LogonBox version 2.3.6-1454 has now been released

Changes since previous release:



  • Improved profile reminder daily job logic
  • Added a new Assigned Flow Authenticator module. You can now define several flows to move to based on Role memberships.
  • Yubikey now integrated into 2FA wizard.
  • Added options in Appearance->Notifications to alter notifications position on screen.
  • Added options to Password Create task for ability to reveal and copy password.


  • VPN only: client config file now works if more than 22 characters were used for the device name.
  • VPN only: Disabling or deleting a user now invalidates their client config.
  • DIRECTORY only: Show LDAP Base DN in Directory Dashboard.
  • Fixed OTP handling of directory emails.
  • Fixed Null attributes display when reconcile user is called from changePassword.
  • SMS authenticator now decrypts secret key correctly.
  • Fixed Authentication Scheme create and deleted event which could cause profile credentials to become out of sync with actual modules.
  • SAML resource assignment and optional logoff fixes.
  • Fixed a Null Pointer Exception in initial SAML request due to lack of authentication state.
  • License synchronisation no longer displays error.
  • Fixed i18n issue in a couple of areas.
  • Secondary connector message templates now use the parent realms templates.
  • Secondary email deletion after upgrade issue resolved.
  • Sending a Test email now requires a valid email for a user on the system.
  • It is now possible to scroll to the reset password button on a mobile device.
  • Removed options from the main portal page can now be re-enabled again.
  • Create password task can now be added to an existing folder.


The LogonBox team.