LogonBox 2.3.5 Released


LogonBox version 2.3.5-1424 has now been released

Changes since previous release:



  • Password reset page now provides feedback to let you know what required criteria of a password are missing.
  • Extra checking now performed on PINs to block repeating or incrementing numbers.
  • New link at top of certificates page for SSL Certificate creation Wizard - this will create a new certificate and attach to the Default certificate automatically.
  • New option added to force users to complete a Custom Attribute as part of their profile setup.
  • Else option added to Role Flow Selection in Authentication Flows.


  • New delegations feature no longer blocks password resets on secondary accounts or realms.
  • Profiles now correctly show as complete when Google Authenticator is used for authentication.
  • Account with expiry date in the future no longer shows as Expired until after that date.
  • SSL Certificates now correctly show issue and expiry dates in the Certificates page.
  • Fixed a problem with OTP generation when the password length is less than the minimum character length.


The LogonBox team.