LogonBox 2.3 Released


LogonBox version 2.3 has now been released

Change since previous release:


  • Windows Desktop Integration
    • User profile completion: LogonBox can now force users to configure their user profile right from within the Windows login screen without needing to navigate away and use the LogonBox web portal.
    • Windows 2FA support: Users can securely log in to the Windows desktop with their AD password and any additional authentication factor supported by LogonBox.
    • Reset cached credentials: With an active internet connection to LogonBox, the new plugin can reset a user's cached password letting them login locally to the computer and continue working.
  • User selective 2FA: An admin can now define a number of different authentication options and allow the user to choose which authentication works for them the best
  • Reworked how the system prompts for information it needs to complete a user profile, plus easier management of a user's credentials in their profile page.
  • Account Creation workflow: Users can self-register for an account on Active Directory via LogonBox. Admins can process this request from the web UI.
  • LogonBox Authenticator is now available to Professional as well as Enterprise editions.


  • Windows desktop login now works with Role Flow selection
  • Users no longer prompted to complete missing credentials on authentications attached to the admin authentication flow.
  • Default SSL certificates now generated with SHA256 hash.


The LogonBox team.