Configuring User Profile

Majid Latif


Every user has a personal profile within the system, which contains all of the information for that user as well as any information required in order for the user to be able to reset their own password.

Depending on the Authentication Flows that have been configured, some extra information may be required by the system before a user can reset their password. i.e they may need to answer some security questions or set up an authenticator.

In this case, a user will be considered to have an incomplete profile. Before a user can perform a password reset or account unlock action they need to complete their profile, which can be done by logging on to My Account. This article shows you how a user can setup their profile ready to start benefiting from self-service password management.

In the example shown below, our test server is configured to use the LogonBox Authenticator and Security Questions.



The admin or delegated admin needs to have set up the appropriate authentication scheme for password reset, you can find information on how to do this here

Once the authentication schemes are setup, LogonBox can email users telling them to setup their profile by enabling the Profile Reminder email (optional).


Step 1: Login to My Account

From the user portal click My Account and log in with the user's username and password. If the LogonBox server is connected to Active Direvtory then the user will need to use their AD credentials.


Step 2: Select Security Questions

If you are using the default guided option to configure User Selective 2FA, you will be presented to select the first authentication module to configure.

Here we will choose Security Questions and click Next.


The user can now select a question to answer from the dropdown and set their answer to this question and click Next.


Continue this question until all required 5 questions have been set.


Step 3: Configure LogonBox Authenticator

As for this test we also have LogonBox Authenticator as an option, the user will now be prompted to set this up.

Can the QR code from the LogonBox Authenticator app.


Then select AUTHORIZE on the Authenticator app.


The user is now logged on to their account and their profile is complete.

At this point, the user can now log off.




Now that your profile is complete, it is time to carry out a password reset, you can find more information on this in the following article, Performing Password Reset.