UI changes in LogonBox version 2.2

Christopher Dakin

There are 2 minor areas in the LogonBox UI that have changed between version 2.1 and the latest release 2.2 and 1 area that has had some functionality changes.

These changes are detailed below.


  1. The Access Control menu has been renamed to Users & Permissions to better reflect what that menu does. No functionality has changed, just the menu name.


  1. The Authentication menu has been renamed to Authentication Flows.

When you go into this menu, you will note that the UI for the Authentication Schemes has changed.

Rather than having the different schemes as tabs across the top, each Authentication Scheme now exists as an editable resource in a list.


You can expand a scheme with the + icon to see what modules are attached, but you need to click the purple edit button to be able to alter the scheme.


Note that there is now a new module available in a scheme called Select Authentication.

This is because the new UI allows you to create your own Authentication Flows and you can then provide multiple options for users to authenticate. If you use Select Authentication, you must click the edit icon on the module and select which other flows should be given as an option.


As an example, we have created 2 custom Authentication flows, containing just one module each – Google and SMS.



Now in the Password Reset flow, we set Username and  Select Authentication modules.


Clicking the edit icon on the Select Authentication module we include the SMS and Google flows and Apply the changes.

When a user wants to reset their password now, after entering their username they can click the dropdown box and select either authentication flow.



  1. Finally the last menu change is that the separate Automations and Triggers menus have been combined into a single Triggers & Automation menu, which will now contain Automations, Triggers and Webhooks in one place. No changes have been made otherwise to the UI or functionality of these items.