Enable Password Reminders

Lee David Painter


One of the benefits that LogonBox provides is that it can send out expiring and expired email reminders to your users. This is a useful tool to help try and keep your users passwords valid and set according to current policy. By reminding users regulary when their passwords are near to expiry you can prevent further helpdesk calls later down the line.

In order that you and your users don't suddenly start receiving emails that you have not authorized to be sent, your LogonBox has disabled the sending of Password Expiry and Password Expiring messages.


Enabling the Password Messages

To enable the messages, navigate to Messages -> Message Templates and locate the "Password Expired" and "Password Expiring" templates in the list.


Edit each in turn and locate the Options tab. You will notice that the Enabled field is switched Off.


Click the switch to enable the message.


Click Update to save the template and activate your emails.


Adjusting the Schedule

There are options available that allow you to change when the reminder emails are sent.


Password Expiring Emails

When editing the Password Expiring template, the Schedule tab has some extra options that allow you to define when emails are sent to the users.

The Warn Days setting defines when the user receives a password expiry reminder,  defining how many days prior to the users password expiry the message should be sent. In the default configuration the user will receive a message 10 days, 5 days and 1 day before their password expires. You can add and remove any of these options to make this configurable to suit your required reminder policy.

The Send At field defines when the email is sent. This time is in relation to the server timezone so if your tenant is hosted in a country that spans multiple timezones please be mindful that this may not be exact. 


Password Expired Emails

These emails are sent out daily. Therefore you can change the Send At field only.