LogonBox Update 2.2.13-2068


LogonBox version 2.2.6-2068 has now been released

Change since previous release:

Profile reminders:

  • Don't send or attempt to send reminder if the profile has no missing credentials.
  • Profile Completeness checks now returns a value indicating if state has changed.
  • Fixed some issues with profile check not always setting a profile to complete when it should do.


  • User properties now being passed to password reset events.
  • Added mechanism to get attributes from previous event principals.
  • Support for alerts in authentication.


  • Handle other attributes in the data URI for embedded images in HTML when emailing.
  • Changed default authentication module to Security Questions for password reset.
  • Fixed issue with daily password expiry jobs not notifying.
  • Fixed issue with logonbox sometimes rebooting when VMCentre is launched.
  • Limit logo uploads to image file types.


The LogonBox team.