LogonBox Update 2.2.6-1961


LogonBox version 2.2.6-1961 has now been released



  • Getting started instructions now show as a popup on login
  • User logos now start with a default logo, users have permissions to change logo on newly deployed systems
  • Support added for Geo Restrictions. Block or Allow access by country rather than IP range (System Configuration->Geo Restrictions)
  • Changed default log on after password reset, web page will now redirect to portal after a password reset

Bug Fixes

  • Can now create users in an OU with a DN longer than 64 characters
  • Minimum security question answers required changed to 5
  • Missing primary email now correctly writes the email to the user account
  • Removed non-working NTLM authentication from AD connections
  • Default text in browser header now correctly states LogonBox
  • Fixed permissions issue with sending OTP to secondary contact info
  • IP restrictions service dropdown now shows available services
  • Can now use hyphens on subdomains when creating a tenant in SaaS
  • Updated the default syslog application name text to LogonBox
  • Fixed export database task, will now export the database regardless of database type
  • Fixed issue with archiving of audit log not working
  • Fixed issue with exiting VMCentre causing LogonBox service to stop

Deprecated Features

  • Browser Passwords (SSO) feature no longer supported. Replaced by extensions to existing Password Vault in next release
  • LogonBox mobile application no longer needed, functionality replaced by the new LogonBox Authenticator

The LogonBox team.