LogonBox Update 2.2.0-1687

Majid Latif


  • Added a Banned Passwords feature
    With this feature, you can check passwords against a default set of around 100,000 passwords.
    You can also upload your own password lists or make API calls to a remote server.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would allow a user to be able to see the full user list if the user's My Profile tab was not available.
  • Fixed a bug that could lock scheduled jobs if they got caught in an error state, mainly affecting account linking rules from processing correctly on a schedule.


  • Changed how the User Delete function works
    To prevent confusion with some customers who were expecting delete to remove the user from LogonBox rather than the actual deleting of the account completely, the delete functionality has now changed.
  • The delete button has been removed, instead, the delete action is now in the green gears icon.
    The default action of this will be to remove the account from LogonBox only and not recreated on subsequent reconciles. There is a selectable option on the same screen to delete the account on the remote directory.
  • To undelete an account which has been removed on LogonBox only, you may use the dropdown filter called 'Users that are locally deleted' and choose the 'Un-delete account' action from the gears menu to bring it back.


The LogonBox team.