Access Manager: Migrating 1.3 to 1.5 via Backup and Restore

Christopher Dakin
This article is marked as obsolete.


In order to take advantage of the latest SSL security features, we have had to upgrade the version of Java. The underlying operating system also needs to be upgraded to a currently supported version. (Java 7 to 8 and Debian 7 to 9).

One method you can use to move to 1.5 is to migrate your existing configuration to a new deployment of 1.5 via the Backup and Restore functionality to take advantage of the updates to the operating system and other backend associated packages.

This article contains instructions on how to perform this migration process. Please ensure your Access Manager instance is backed up or has a VM snapshot before performing the below.

You could also upgrade in place, but to do this it is safest to first upgrade to 1.4 and Debian 8, then upgrade again. Instructions to upgrade to 1.4 in-place can be found in this article.


Migrating from 1.3 to 1.5


  • Your Access Manager system should be on the latest version, which is 1.3-RG9. If it is not please upgrade to this first.
  • An Access Manager 1.5 system deployed with the installation wizard completed in order to have access to the Backup and Restore functionality in the web interface, download available from here.
  • Obtain a copy of your Access Manager license for application to the new system, this can be obtained from your account on our website, or by contacting our support team at
    Note: If you are using a VX or Free license these are restricted to the system serial number and you would be unable to apply your existing license to the new server. In this event please contact the Sales email address and state that you are migrating your installation to a new 1.4 system and provide the serial number of the new system, we will be able to arrange a new license with the new serial number for you.
  • Access to VM console shell or direct SSH and SFTP access.



  1. On your existing Access Manager system connect to the admin interface and go to Configuration > System > Backup and select the Backup Now option.
  2. The web browser will begin to download the backup file, either automatically to your default location or prompting you to select a location, based on your web browser settings.
  3. Using SFTP connect to the server on port 22, use the root user credentials and navigate to /etc/nervepoint, locate the keystore file and extract to a safe location. If you do not have the SSH service running you can activate this from VMCentre in the Services tab.
  4. With the backup file and keystore downloaded you can now go to the new 1.5 system. First your license needs to be applied to the server to enabled the Restore functionality. Go to Configuration > License and upload your license file, this will take effect as soon as you save. 
  5. Go to Configuration->System-> Backup and the Restore options will now be available, select the Choose File button and then locate and choose the backup file and then select the Restore option.
  6. The system will prompt that a service restart is required, at this point you should Stop the Nervepoint Access Manager Service and connect to the server via SFTP, again navigate to /etc/nervepoint and now upload the keystore file you had previously taken from the old server and override the keystore in the new system, this will upload the SSL certificate configuration to the new system.
  7. Now reboot the entire server for the keystore to take effect alongside the backup.
  8. Connect to the server again and login with the admin account what was configured on your original system. The license will have been removed in the restore process so you will be taken directly to the License page, reapply the license again and the system will automatically reinstate itself to normal operation, now using the data from the original system.