Access Manager: Deploying VM in Microsoft Hyper-V

Christopher Dakin
This article is marked as obsolete.

This article will show how you can install the Access Manager onto a Microsoft Hyper-V server. Go to the Downloads page and download a copy of the Hyper-V image to begin.


Deploying to Hyper-V

With the Hyper-V package downloaded, extract the contents of the file to a safe location, where-ever you would like to host the virtual hard disk for the server. Open your Hyper-V Manager and Create a new Virtual Machine, set a name and the storage location.


Next set the amount of memory for the system, 1024 MB is a good starting point and can be increased if the user count requires it and then confirm the network connection that should be used.

On the Hard Drive setup we now want to use the VHD file that was extracted from the download package. Select the option to use an existing virtual hard drive, locate and select the VHD file and confirm by selecting Next.


The summary is displayed, if this is correct Finish the process. The Virtual Machine will now be created with the virtual hard drive. Start the virtual machine and connect to the console.



Access Manager will perform it's first time startup configuration and prompt you to enter a password for the root user.


From here you can now move on this helpdesk article for details completing the Installation Wizard.