Access Manager: Installing the LiveCD ISO

This article is marked as obsolete.

Access Manager is now available as a LiveCD .ISO file, this provides a simple installation solution that will run on any hypervisor the steps below show you how.

Step 1: Setup the VM template

Create a new virtual machine template in VMWare ESXi 5.1 simply select File->New Image. The following configuration options should be set.


  • VM Operating System Type - Linux
  • Operating System Version - Debian x64/64 bit, or Other


  • 1 CPU Core


  • Memory - 1Gb


  • 32GB HDD


  • CD/DVD/Virtual Disk Drive - Load your ISO into the virtual drive created for the VM



Step 2: Loading the ISO and Making Your Choice

To install from the ISO attach it to the Virtual Machine's CD/DVD Drive and ensure it is set to 'Connect at Power On' and start the Virtual Machine. During the startup of your system the Live CD will be detected and will prompt you with a number of choices.

  • Live
  • Live (failsafe)
  • Install
  • Graphical Install
  • Advanced Options


Step 3: Installing Access Manager from the ISO

The two installation options, text based and graphical, both cover the entire installation processes and provide the same setup options, so select the process you prefer.


To begin set your regional settings, starting with the language used for the installation process, this will also be used as the default language for Access Manager after installation completes, your location, continent/region and country, and keyboard layout.


The installation components will now be loaded from the LiveCD


The LiveCD will attempt to configure the network settings, you will need to provide a hostname for the system and name the domain the system will join.