Access Manager: Requirements

This article is marked as obsolete.

Nervepoint Access Manager is deployed as a Virtual Machine which means you need a Virtual Machine (VM) player. The released package comes as an Open Virtual Format (OVF) so any player that can play OVF file should be sufficient however some players might not play it if not please choose another player.

some recommended players are:

  • Oracle Virtual Box
  • VMWare Player
  • VMware Workstation
  • VMWare ESXi

Nervepoint Access Manager comes in two flavours an OVF for general VM players and one specifically for VMWare ESXi which will require VMware ESXi to run.

Active Directory

Nervepoint Access Manager manages Identities on an existing datastore, the current Enteprise 1.0 edition and the Free edition both support Active Directory only.

Your active directory must have SSL enabled in order for Nervepoint Access Manager to actually perform any operations agasint identities within your Active Directory. Those without SSL enabled will still be able to run Nervepoint Access Manager but will not be able to perform any password resets or account unlocking.

Enabling SSL

Refer to either the following artlcle:

User Portal Access

Business users can reset their password in one of three ways:

  • Web Portal - access the User Portal through a web-browser such as Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 11
  • Windows Desktop - password reset and account unlock is integrated with your Windows login prompt. Windows XP and above are supported
  • Mobile Device - Nervepoint Access Manager provides Android, iPhone and Blackberry apps to allow end users to manage their passwords remotely 

Administration Portal Access

Business administrators can manage the system in one of two ways:

  • Web Portal - the full suite of administrator functionality is available through the web interface using a compatible browser, Internet Explorer 9 and above ot Firefox 11 and above
  • Mobile Device - basic admin functionality is available through a mobile device.